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Dr. Jaideep Bains


Professor, Physiology & Pharmacology
University of Calgary


Office: HSC 2213
Lab: HSC 2077
University of Calgary
3330 Hospital Drive N.W.
Calgary, AB  T2N 4N1

Research Activities: 

The focus of our lab is to bring together two large and important areas of neuroscience: the study of stress and the study of synapses.

Our goal is to think about stress from a synaptic perspective first. Using this approach, we hope to provide new information that will do three things:

  1. Build an evolving set of rules about the synapses that comprise neural stress circuitry that are derived from rigorous experimentation.
  2. Use these rules to better understand how these synapses and circuits adapt to acute and chronic stress challenges.
  3. Lay the foundation for tackling larger questions that link stress to diseases such as depression and anxiety.

Using techniques that allow us to probe brain function from single synapses to awake, behaving animals, our goal is to understand how physiological and psychological challenges lead to long-term changes in the brain. We focus on neurons in the hypothalamus that coordinate the mammalian response to stress, with a particular interest in how the molecules, or neuromodulators released at the onset of a stress leave a lasting imprint to alter subsequent stress responses.

Current Research Support

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
  • Brain Canada
Research Interests: 


Experience salience gates endocannabinoid signaling at hypothalamic synapses. J.I. Wamsteeker Cusulin, L. Senst, G.C. Teskey and J.S. Bains, Journal of Neuroscience, Apr 30;34(18):6177-81, 2014.

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Glucocorticoid feedback uncovers retrograde opioid signaling at hypothalamic synapses, J.I. Wamsteeker Cusulin, T. Füzesi, W. Inoue and J.S. Bains, Nature Neuroscience, May;16(5):596-604, 2013.

Endocannabinoids gate state-dependent plasticity of synaptic inhibition in feeding circuits, K.M. Crosby, W.I. Inoue, Q.J. Pittman and J.S. Bains, Neuron, Aug 11;71(3):529-41, 2011.

Stress induced priming of glutamate synapses unmasks associative short-term plasticity, J.B. Kuzmiski, V.M. Marty, D.V. Baimoukhametova and J.S. Bains, Nature Neuroscience, Oct;13(10):1257-1264, 2010.

Astrocyte mediated distributed plasticity at hypothalamic glutamate synapses, G.R.J. Gordon, K.J. Iremonger, S. Kantevari, G.C. Ellis-Davies, B.A. MacVicar and J.S. Bains, Neuron, Nov;64(3):391-403, 2009.

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Altered chloride homeostasis removes synaptic inhibitory constraint of the stress axis, S.A. Hewitt, J.I. Wamsteeker, E.U. Kurz and J.S. Bains, Nature Neuroscience, Apr;12(4):438-443, 2009.

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  • Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)
Research Personnel: 
  • Cheryl Sank, Lab Manager
  • Dinara Baimoukhametova, Research Associate
  • Mio Tsutsui, Research Technician
  • Rodney Barasi, Research Technician
  • Tamás Füzesi, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Vojtech Vávra, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Toni-Lee Sterley, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Ciaran Murphy-Royal, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Nuria Daviu Abant, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Phillip Colmers, PhD Candidate
  • Brendan Hunt, PhD Candidate
  • Neilen Rasiah, MSc Candidate