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Dr. Eric Smith


Associate Professor, Clinical Neurosciences, Radiology and Community Health Sciences


Office: Room C1212 Lab: Seamen Family MR Research, Foothills Medical Centre
3330 Hospital Drive NW
Calgary, AB T2N 4N1

Research Activities: 

I investigate the risk factors and consequences of diseases of the cerebral microcirculation. There are two primary foci of my research: 1) understanding vascular contributions to cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease, and 2) the influence of medical and surgical treatment on outcomes of patients with stroke and intracerebral hemorrhage. Cerebral small-vessel disease is now recognized as the most prevalent cause of cerebral ischemia, predominantly manifested as cognitive impairment rather than symptomatic stroke. Cerebral ischemic lesions frequently co-exist with Alzheimer’s disease in persons with mild cognitive impairment and dementia. My research seeks to identify neuroimaging markers of these pathologies to determine the relative impact of small vessel disease, parenchymal beta-amyloid (Alzheimer’s disease) and vascular beta-amyloid (cerebral amyloid angiopathy) on cognitive function and risk of dementia. This research is funded by the United States National Institute of Health, Canadian Stroke Network and Canadian Institutes for Health Research.
Stroke outcomes can be modified by medical therapy, yet abundant research shows that proven treatments are under-utilized or inappropriately utilized in community practice. My outcomes research program seeks to identify predictors of appropriate medical care for stroke and the impact of stroke treatments in the “real world” setting outside the context of highly monitored clinical trials. I direct scientific research in the U.S. national Get With The Guidelines Stroke Registry of more than one million stroke hospital admissions.


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  • M.D. (Doctor of Medicine)
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