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Core Facilities

The HBI offers our full members access to facilities and services that can directly enhance the success of their foundational and translational research. HBI Core Facilities include: 

Molecular Core Facility

The HBI molecular core is a service laboratory facility that is equipped with a full suite of state of the art molecular biology equipment and reagents that are used to offer a broad range of services including molecular cloning, generation of custom constructs, genotyping, targeting vectors, cell culture, lentivirus production, real time PCR as well various protein analysis services.

Consultation, education and training services are also offered through technical skills modules and in addition, the core offers one on one molecular biology support to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

For more information please visit the molecular core facility's website.

NeuroImaging Research Unit

The NeuroImaging Research Unit (NIRU) is a core resource that offers technical expertise and administrative assistance to permit scientists of the HBI and their collaborators to initiate and conduct high-magnetic-field human brain imaging research. The focus will be to provide investigators with a structured mechanism within which to undertake new and continuing imaging-related research. The mission of the NIRU will be be to facilitate neuroimaging research within the HBI from initial contact with potential collaborators  through to dissemination of research findings. This will be be accomplished by offering access to state of the art imaging technology, infrastructure, and personnel assistance housed within the Seaman Family Magnetic Resonance Research Centre

For more information contact Dr. Brad Goodyear.

HBI Core Facility 

sensory-neuronThe HBI Core Facility (formerly The Regeneration Unit in Neurobiology (RUN)) is a centre specializing in state of the art microscopic imaging of cells and tissue (HBI AMP), as well as sophisticated behavioural and optogenetics analysis of mice and rats (HALO). It is located on the first floor of the Heritage Medical Research Building (HMRB) and is open to all University of Calgary and HBI members. The facility offers users access to the latest equipment for microscopy and sample preparation, behavioural and optogenetics analysis, and tissue culture. Training, assistance, advice, and scientific consultation are always available.

For additional information or to request access to use this facility, please visit the website.