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HBI International Strategy

Submitted by julie.arnold on Fri, 11/20/2015 - 6:29pm

Elevating the Institute’s research and education programs to a level of global excellence through meaningful international collaboration.

The HBI is realizing its vision of 'healthy brains for better lives' through collaboration. By joining forces with a growing network of international partners, the HBI is taking a leading role in brain and mental health research and education. 

RHISE Program

The HBI International Strategy enables strategic international collaborations outside North America, made possible by the Rebecca Hotchkiss International Scholars Exchange (RHISE) program. Established in 2011, the RHISE program continues to support international trainee exchanges, scholarly visits of global experts in the neurosciences and mental health, joint academic symposia and other initiatives that advance research through international collaboration.


The Institute’s International Strategy, launched in 2015 focuses international efforts on three strategic goals: 

  • RAISE THE BAR – Increase the quality of HBI research via meaningful interactions with world-leading neuroscientists and neuroscience institutions.
  • ATTRACT THE BEST – Attract the best and brightest trainees and young investigators from around the world to the HBI.
  • ELEVATE THE  PROFILE – Elevate the HBI’s global profile as an international centre of excellence in brain and mental health research and education.


International activities are focused on partnerships with institutions recognized as global leaders in brain and mental health whose research, educational programs and values align with the HBI.

International Opportunities for Members and Trainees